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About Us


Light of the mind, light of the world.

Fifth House Training was created from a need to marry passion and purpose with a desire to aid the South African economy with job creation.

The institute was born from a passion project - our flagship program, Practical Translation. The undertaking was meant to assist bilingual individuals in our rainbow nation to create an income stream to either enter a new market, or buffer existing wealth. In doing so, we have helped countless young professionals enter the working world; confident and skilled.

In ancient Babylonian astrology, the soul was seen to have 12 houses, each representing a part of the whole. The fifth house was believed to be the house of creativity, passion, joy and where one would find the highest expression of self. It is where the muse finds you and demands that you bring something forth into the world that is unique to you. Where your mind becomes lit and so the world is changed forever because of this creation. This is our dream for Fifth House Training. To inspire individuals to tap into those parts of themselves that will light up the world.

Welcome to your Fifth House. 



Our ultimate mission is to aid in the reduction of unemployment in South Africa. Fifth House Training sees itself as having an important role in job creation through education. We aim to equip as many individuals as possible with marketable skills that can stimulate the economy. Skills that can either translate into new careers or supplemental income streams. With higher employment rates, savings increase and it is our belief that a country that saves is a country that thrives.